Industrial Packaging Services


Industrial Packaging Services - Local

Industrial Packaging Service for SOHO, SME and Conglomorates.

No matter the type, nature and size, our professionals can help execute the relocation and re-installation (where applicable) with the utmost precision and sensitivity. We use export‐quality packaging materials to ensure safety.

These Services includes but not limited to:

  • Removal & Packing: Packing & custome wrapping

  • Moving: Intrastate, Interstate, long distance

  • Unpacking & Reinstallation: removal of goods, include labor

  • Storage: short or long term

  • Deliveries: warehousing, retail, scheduling

Loading and Vehicle Transportation Services:


This is offered by our team of experts, who possess in‐depth knowledge and experience to maintain complete protection of your valuable products. These services are widely sought‐after in the marketplace for delivering a hassle‐free move without compromising on our standard of quality.

Residential & Office Services


Our residential and office Relocation Services are available in various specifications according to our clients’ needs. We recognize that making plans to move base and resettle, also involves relocating our emotions. So our professional personnel, drawing on years of experience and expertise, take extra special care, while making use of up‐to‐date techniques for best handling various types of office goods, including computers, furniture, and electrical equipment.

 These Services includes but not limited to:

  • Packing: Packing, wrapping, custom

  • Moving: Intrastate, Interstate, long distance, international

  • Unpacking: Removing of goods and/or include labor

  • Storage: Short or long term.