Iearning Management System


(Information Management Solution)

XGT represents Enable IT Solutions in Nigeria and Africa as technology partner.

Enable IT Solutions is a Software Development Company dedicated to provide IT services with strategic end-to-end solutions to our esteemed clients.

We develop software solutions that are fast, reliable & secure and always feature a functional and easy to use user interface & experience.

Headquartered in Nagpur, Enable IT Solutions has in house professional team of software developers, webmaster, programmers and technical support team to deliver you with quality and service satisfaction.

With vast know-how of advising customers on the best-fit software and IT services available, you can be assured that our esteemed team will help you make the right decision and product for your organization.



Ez-Comm+: EZ-Comm+ is a platform that ensures connectivity, safety and security providing an extra edge to the world of understanding child’s overall development.

Enso-LMS: Enso – Learner Management Systems (Enso-LMS) provide a key function for the modern enterprise. It enable an organization to consolidate their learning activities and align people development activities.

Q-Bank: Q-Bank an extraordinary niche exam tool for managing exams in a much smaller and easier way


Enso-LIMS: ENSO-LIMS is a complete solution for new generation material testing laboratories to manage processes, data and reporting.