• Telecom Cell Sites Construction



Telecom cell site mast5

  • Mast & Towers

Xceptional Global Technologies Limited Limited

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We design, fabricate/supply, install and maintain telecom mast and towers of various types, makes, models and sizes

Other services are

  • Rigging/Installation

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  • Telecom Microwaves Radios and Antenna

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We Supply, install and configure several types, makes, models and sizes of telecom microwave radios and antenna.


  • Drive Test

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XGT offers unshakeable expertise, independent tools and tailor-made measurement and reporting.

Most Modern systems deliver comprehensive performance data nowadays but there is always a need to measure the performance of the network in the field. These measurement can either be part of performance, troubleshooting or to verify the performance after an upgrade or reconfiguration of the network

Our Drive Test Services Covers:

  • Network benchmarking.
  • Optimization and troubleshooting
  • Service quality monitoring.

The data set collected during drive testing field measurements can include information such as:

  • Signal intensity
  • Signal quality
  • Interference
  • Dropped calls
  • Blocked calls
  • Anomalous events
  • Call statistics
  • Service level statistics
  • Quality of Service information
  • Handover information
  • Neighboring cell information
  • GPS location co-ordinates

Other services are

  • Link budget/Path loss analyses and optimization


  • VSat

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We also supply and install all VSat Accessories such as:

  • Feed horn (Linear/Circular)
  • BUC/Transceivers
  • LNB/LNC/Cables/Actuators
  • Waveguides/Pigtails/connectors
  • Modems

Additional Services

    1. External Line Plant design and deployment (Fiber, Copper and Wireless)
    2. Infrastructure Audit
    3. Customized Telecommunication training
    4. Telecommunication Project management
    5. Wireless Network design, deployment and optimization.
    6. System Integration and integration software development.
    7. Consultancy and VNO