DONIT© TESNIT are high quality gasket material sheets, composed of aramid, glass, organic, inorganic or carbon fibers, NBR rubber as a binder and different fillers. Fiber gasket sheets with different chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance are made to endure at different loadings, even the most demanding conditions. Among wide range of gasket sheets in DONIT© Tesnit product line you can find the perfect material to fulfill your needs.


Doniflex© is a gasket material made from a combination of graphite, aramid fibers, specially selected fillers and also available with metal reinforcement, which are combined to form an environment friendly gasket material. It has excellent thermal and chemical properties, excellent resistance to various media and suitable for a wide range of applications.


Grafilit ® is a high grade range of gasket materials based on flexible graphite sheets and available with different stainless steel insertions suitable for a wide range of applications especially at high operating temperatures, pressures and tightness rate.


Doniflon© is a range of high grade gasket materials based on virgin PTFE, modified PTFE or multidirectional expanded PTFE. Doniflon materials have excellent chemical resistance and can therefore be used with a wide variety of chemicals.


Mica is an Aluminosilicate material with very high thermal resistance, used for exhaust pipe manifolds, burner flanges, gas turbine housings and turbocharger flange gaskets.