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Service Overview

We have a variety of Products from our Partners in TSTY Electric, CONPO electric and EnSmart ranging from Inverters to Smart Grid, etc. Check below.

Solutions We Offer

Our solutions traverse the Power Audit, Consulting & Advisor, Multibrand Equipment Maintenance, Domestic, Commercial & Industrial, Power Reticulation.

Smart Grid

With our partners with expertise of over 40 years of power conversion, we design and produce Grid & Energy Storage solutions.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Our AVRs are up to SBW-F-40KVA 3Phase, Split-phase Regulating Full-Automatic Compensated AC. Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer.


Our Conpo electric Inverters like the PG(HNE)-1012(P) 1000VA/700W-12V, KNIGHT series Personal Power Station are really rugged.


We have up to 400KVA and up to 600KVA/3Phase,Ultra-Isolation,Noise-suppression Isolation Transformer
XGT Nigeria partner, Ensmart Power Conversion develops power systems compatible with today’s Smart Grids which is an electricity distribution system that uses digital technology to eliminate waste, improve reliability and optimizes efficiency of the electric grid. Smart-grid-ready Ups systems and power converters help grids to migrate to a higher penetration of renewable energy as well.
  • Target Analysis
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible Tools

Get the best system solution analysis and price targets for any of our services.

Our solutions and services are designed to fit your budget while meeting your technical needs.

Our design systems are very flexible as they are tailor-made to feet your needs.

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About Our Company

As a forefront engineering company, we provide first-class services in the areas of Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Automation, Electronic Security, Information Communication Technology, Software Solutions, Industrial Supply, Telecommunications, and battery regeneration (XGT Battery Clinic).
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Our Engineering Solutions

We have Automatic Voltage Regulators that meet your needs.
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We have Un-interruptible Power Supply devices that meet your needs.
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We have Inverters that meet your needs.
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We have Transformers that meet your needs.
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Frequency Inverter
We have Frequency Inverters that meet your needs.
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Switching Power Supply
We have Switching Power Supply devices that suits your needs.
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