Mr. Ojoola Yusuf Abiodun

Career Experience:

Dr. Yusuf is a Nigerian health expert specialized in the area of family medicine. He is married and current resides in Sweden. I love making research in as to find solutions that are self suitable and sustainable.

Education :

  • 2010-2012 – Specialist Education in Family Medicine
  • 2003-2010 – Medical education
  • 1996-2002 – O level

Work Experience:

  • General Director Studman LLc Moscow Russia
  • Founder and Director of a medical volunters project
  • Farm owner

My passionis in providing suitable solution and affordable healthcare  to people in need. I pay close attention to patients lifestyle and the conditions they are in. I haved noticed that poverty fuels ill health so for us to achieve any acceptable health standard in any rural community, we need to pay attention to the impact an healthy environment will play in a long run and the financial status of each individual in the community.

Languages: English,Yoruba, Russian and Swedish

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